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"Non in legendo, sed in intelligendo leges consistunt"

The Law Firm

The Law Firm Lege artis Kuropatwiński Lewicki offers legal assistance including comprehensive legal advice in all fields of law together with civil, commercial and tax law.

Our Law Firm was placed first in the Law Office Ranking of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province published by the Rzeczpospolita daily (11/02/2005). Moreover, our Partners were granted additional Rzeczpospolita awards: Mr Lewicki - the leader in the field of tax law, Dr Kuropatwiński - the leader in the field of business contracts, corporate law, mergers and takeovers. 

The area of particular importance, as far as our Law Firm’s activities are concerned, is services provided to foreign capital companies, especially German capital. In this respect, very useful proves to be extensive experience in the sector of legal services gained by our lawyers over many years. Worth noting is also the fact that our lawyers are proficient in German. Above all, however, it should be stressed that our Partner – Dr Kuropatwiński is a Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bydgoszcz.

We provide services to a broad range of clients including large international concerns and numerous medium size companies (as per international standards). However, our clients are also small businessmen and persons who do not run business activity to whom we provide legal assistance, above all, in the field of civil proceedings and probate court procedures.
Our Law Firm was also entered in the list of recommended offices both by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Embassy of the Republic of Austria. 

Our clients are based in different regions of the country. We provide services to companies whose seats are located in, e.g.: Warsaw, Łódź, Toruń, Poznań, Wolsztyn, Połczyn Zdrój, Koszalin and Bartoszyce. Our activity, however, is not limited to the Polish territory. Some of our clients are companies based in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Belgium and the US. Of course, a number of our clients run their activities in Bydgoszcz and its vicinities.

The Law Office Lege artis cooperates also with a certified translator of the German language. Among our business partners there is a company which provides accountancy services.

The Law Firm Lege artis is a limited partnership, the core of which constitutes two legal advisors: Dr Jarosław Kuropatwiński and Artur Lewicki who perform the function of general partners.

The principle behind our activity and at the same time our advantage is highly specialised lawyers. We are of the opinion that nowadays it is not possible for every lawyer to be omniscient in all branches of modern law. In view of this, we created our Law Firm specialist teams embracing lawyers specialised in particular fields of law. Connecting lawyers in this way allows to standardise work more efficiently and to make better use of gained experience.

The Law Firm Lege artis specialises in giving legal opinions, representations in judicial and administrative proceedings, acquisition of companies and enterprises, transactions regarding industrial properties, debt collecting, negotiations, including negotiating of out-of-court settlements, dealing with worker related issues and legal problems connected with organisation of a company. We are particularly interested in creating structures for companies ensuring legal-private and tax optimisation of economic undertakings. We are among one of the first offices in Poland to have started practical use of a limited partnership’s structure with a limited liability company as its general partners (Sp. z o.o. & Co Sp. with Limited Partnership). The Law Firm places special emphasis on the connection between private law construction and the intricacies of tax law utilising the so-called tax planning.

In our activity, we strongly accentuate a preventive aspect. Obviously, legal conflicts are numerous and clients in many cases notify us of a given case only after a conflict has occurred. What we can do in such cases, is to try to solve the conflict in the way that is in the interest of our client. Our regular clients, however, appreciate legal consultation at the stage long before a given conflict arises. In fact, this is at this very phase that a proper decision may prevent a costly and time-consuming legal conflict from occurring.

The important element of legal prevention used by our Office is also allowing our clients to use the information that we are taking care of their claims.Such information is passed to our clients’ debtors via invoices which contain a stamp in the shape of an exclamation mark including the following content: “Our receivables are attended by Solicitors Bureau Kancelaria Prawnicza Lege artis”.

The significant subject of our activity is tax consultancy and representation of taxpayers in proceedings before tax authorities as well as before Province Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court. We pay special attention to control proceedings since they often lead to early resolution of a potential tax dispute without the necessity to appeal to the administrative court.

We also give much thought to undertaking actions for the benefit of our clients, aimed at accelerating the process of collecting money from their defaulting contractors.The aim of the so-called out-of-court debt collecting is to efficiently satisfy our clients’ liabilities. Treating a judicial proceeding as the last resort for satisfying claims, we try to reach a debt settlement in an amicable way. In this activity we use our experience, negotiation skills and the Law Firm’s reputation. Our advantage is that comprehensive legal assistance provided by us is not limited to creditors; we also provide services to debtors. The knowledge acquired in this way, allows the Law Firm, while collecting debts, to ably avoid obstacles caused by our clients’ debtors. Aside from the practical activity, our Partners are also concerned with academic and teaching activities; they train both legal advisors as well as future lawyers.