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"Non in legendo, sed in intelligendo leges consistunt"

Scope of activity

Lege artis the Law Firm provides legal advice in different fields of law. The essential area of our activity are comprehensive services provided to foreign investors who are currently running or intend to run business activity in Poland.

Particular attention should be drawn to the following areas:

Civil law
real estate, contracts

One of the main fields of law we specialise in is widely understood private law including civil law. In this respect, the important area of our activity is making arrangements for real estate and enterprise purchase transactions. Arranging for such transactions involves not only drawing up special contracts and other documents, but also thorough checking legal status of real estate to be purchased as well as carrying out due diligence with regard to the target enterprise. As regards real estate purchased by foreigners, we have for years been specialised in carrying out analyses determining whether or not it is necessary to obtain proper permits from the Ministry for Internal Affairs and Administration and we also conduct proceedings with the aim of obtaining such permits. The important area of our activity in the field of civil law is also preparing and assessing already concluded business contracts both if the Polish law applies or in the case the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is applicable.

Company law

We regularly provide services to numerous limited liability companies and joint stock companies (one listed in the Warsaw Stock Exchange) including their internal documents and the relations between their bodies. Equally importantly, however, we have also experience of providing services to limited partnerships. We particularly specialise in designing and creating structure for companies on the basis of limited partnerships where the general partner is a limited liability company.

Tax law

Legal advice in the field of tax law constitutes an indispensable element of efficient and reliable planning and running of economic projects. Conclusion of any transaction without analysing its tax related consequences may lead to substantial losses. Hence this area of legal advice is an essential one as far as our the Law Firm is concerned. Another significant matter is for us representing our clients in control proceedings which limits the possibility to become involved in a dispute with tax authorities. If, however, such disputes do occur, the Law Firm ensures legal representation before public adminstrative agencies and higher level public administrative agencies as well as Province Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Labour law/management contracts

In the present day economy, personal matters are gaining more and more importance and therefore the essential aspect of our activity is labour law related advice, representing clients before courts and the National Labour Inspectorate.
We also care about appropriate and optimal employment methods and conditions for the management board members including foreigners.

Legal disputes and negotiations
A typical element of our daily activity is conducting legal disputes. Aside from numerous court proceedings aimed at enforcing financial claims arising from business contracts, we are also ready to undertake to conduct lawsuits for damages and proceedings of which the subject constitutes non-pecuniary claims (disputes over legal title to real properties, machines, etc.).
We are of the opinion that many proceedings can be resolved quicker and more efficiently out of court. Therefore, we undertake to conduct pre-court negotiations which aim at reaching an out-of-court resolution.
Enforcement proceedings
Representation of clients in enforcement proceedings is aimed at making them more efficient via regular supervision over the actions of court enforcement officers.
Out-of-court debt collection
Many entrepreneurs encounter problems connected with obtaining payments in exchange for goods or services rendered. It results not only in financial loss, but forces one to undertake additional actions not related to direct income earning. From the perspective of the economic interest, a legal case should constitute the last resort and therefore what we offer is assistance in the field of out-of-court debt collection. Involving debtors in the so-called debt collection games using the Law Firm’s attributes leads in many cases to voluntary satisfaction of our clients’ claims.
In addition, the Law Firm provides legal assistance in the following areas (among others): 
- administrative law; 
- public procurement law 
- bankruptcy and recovery Law; 
- industrial property law; 
- competition and consumers protection law.