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"Non in legendo, sed in intelligendo leges consistunt"


The Law Firm’s remuneration in exchange for legal advice provided by its lawyers depends on the amount of work with regard to performing respective activities. The only exception is debt collecting services provided to our clients. In the case of out-of-court debt collection, the Law Firm is remunerated on a commission basis dependent on the obtained effects. Debt collecting in court is conducted by us in accordance with the rules specified in the regulation by the Minister for Justice concerning this issue.

When settling accounts with our clients, we pay special attention to ensuring that the calculation of the fee we charge is clear. The system for working time calculation, worked out in international practice and more and more common in Poland is, in our view, the basis for clear and honest remuneration in exchange for legal services.

In the case of permanent every-month cooperation, plus in respect of those orders where it is possible to anticipate the amount of work necessary to complete a given task, we propose paying flat rates if requested by our clients. The basis for the flat rate determination is also hourly calculation performed earlier.

Hourly rate
The idea of hourly rate is that our clients pay us only for effective time devoted to performing respective activities contained in a given task. Alongside with an invoice for our services, the clients receives an account which lists in detail ordered activities including the date and time they were carried out. It allows to present the calculation of the Law Firm’s remuneration in an understandable and clear way.

In addition, the calculation system based on hourly rate guarantees extremely precise determination of the extent of work done. The system allows to calculate the time devoted by us to work accurate to 6 minutes, i.e. 0.1 hour.

Example below shows the content of an account:


Analysis of a delivery contract plus its alterations
Drawing up a letter to X company - call for remedying defects
Preparing reports on civil law transactions tax


x hourly rate = X PLN + VAT=Y PLN

In the case the extent of work can be anticipated, it is possible to negotiate a time limit in which a given task should be done. It makes it possible for the clients to allocate in advance the amount to be paid to the Law Firm as remuneration. The budget negotiated in this way is the sole maximal remuneration which cannot be exceeded. We are therefore obliged to present an ordinary calculation based on hourly rate. If the degree of work done by us does not exceed the agreed limit, remuneration is paid to us as per actual extent of work done. However, if we have exceeded the agreed limit, the related risk rests with us and our client is only obliged to pay in advance the amount of the negotiated fee.

If, while providing services, we have to perform additional activities (e.g. travelling to other places where negotiations are to be conducted), the time spent on travelling is paid according to the rate reduced by 50%.

Flat rate
Clients who chose using permanent, every-month legal services are entitled to preferential treatment. By ordering in advance a given number of hours of legal assistance within the period of a month, our clients gain the right to the reduced preferential rate. Moreover, paying a flat rate, clients are ensured more advantageous hourly rate also in respect of payments for work which exceeds the agreed flat rate. 

Out-of-court debt collection
Legal counselling in the field of debt collection aims at achieving by the Law Firm a given result, i.e. satisfying our clients’ claims. Therefore, when the client decides to entrust us with performing a particular task, we only charge a small administration fee allocated to cover some part of the costs connected with the performance of this task while the work we perform is remunerated by means of commission. Its amount is 10% of payments collected for the benefit of the client. The system guarantees, in an obvious way, high efficiency of the undertaken actions. Owing to it, our clients bear no debt collecting expenses with regard to insolvent debtors.

Representation in proceedings at law
Provision of legal assistance includes also representing of our clients in proceedings at law before courts of general jurisdiction, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administration Court. The costs of representation in proceedings at law are determined on the basis of the regulation by the Minister for Justice dated 28/09/2002 on fees in exchange for services provided by legal advisors and on bearing by the National Treasury the costs of legal assistance provided by the legal advisor appointed ex officio (Journal of Laws no. 163, item 1349).

The above activities are performed on the basis of a power of attorney granted to us and contract for representation in proceedings at law, conclusion of which is in most cases connected with an advance payment in the amount of 25% of our remuneration.